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WELCOME to this local and European platform
HEURITAGE is an internet platform that connects local heritage sites from all over Europe.
Thousands of pictures, magazines, movies are uploaded by local associations and individuals
to create a digital memory of their community.

To enter a particular site , you have to choose between “this site” or “more sites”.

From there you can search for items in all other sites. Make your choice.
You will have the option of navigating in your own language or in the local site language.
 Belgium - Ganshoren - (dutch)
 Belgium - Anderlecht - (Dutch)
 Chech Republic - Hradec Kralove - (Czech)
 Belgium - Laken (dutch)
 France - Paris - (French)
 Italy Sicilie - Palermo (Italian)
 Wales - Newport (English)

 Cyprus - Limassol (Greek)
 Hungary - Dömsöd Region
 Hungary - Szilagybagos region (Hungarian)
 Poland - Krakow (Polish)
 Portugal - Queluz (Portugues)

Classrooms all over Europe in the previous century
Childrens toys and games all over Europe
Family celebrations in Europe in the 20th century
Incorporation of villages into cities in the 20th century, four examples.

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